Anel Verna, acclaimed Latina designer, decorator enthusiast, a chef by choice and owner of, a cozy corner for lovers of coastal inspired living and good things. Her story starts on her mother's sewing machine in the Dominican Republic. This is not a rag to riches stories, Mom knew a thing or two about good things. Girls grew up setting beautiful tables and enjoying family gatherings in style. Her family migrated to a picturesque town in the outskirts of Boston. At a young age, Anel caught the entrepreneurial bug and short after graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Anel Verna opened her own retail store. Destiny had plans for Anel Verna and it moved her to design fashion city, New York, where she designed for top Latino celebrities, Eva Longoria, Miss Universe-Beauty Queens and Oscar Award winners like Geena Davis, among others. Retail and lifestyle are her roots and now Anel Verna sees herself at the sunny coast of Florida, living a blissful lifestyle, designing beautiful things and sharing them with us all through Cream Coral Collection and selected retails stores.

For Designer Anel Verna it’s time to celebrate Cream Coral Lifestyle. She understands that creating beautiful moments leads to a happy well lived life and this serves as inspiration to this collection. Each piece comes from a vivid imagination to color and a strong sense of design, quality and comfort. Sea-inspired tunics and dresses combine with chic luxe pillows and simple natural hues pieces; create the perfect coastal lifestyle.

Celebrating a sophisticated, luxurious, but effortless life will always be an inspiration for new and unique colorful collections.

Things I Love...
Color, nature, palm trees, the beach, flowers, décor, design, art, textile, cooking, home, travel, entertaining, family!